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Boss History

Mr. Wang Heping, chairman of Qiang Sheng Wang, is a pioneering and innovative entrepreneur who is dedicated to his job and the public welfare activities, which all stems from his conscience to social responsibility and his pursuit of philanthropy. Despite the setbacks and difficulties he encountered, he has never given up, and he will carry on his endeavors.

I came into contact with the shoes industry in 1991. At the beginning, I opened a handicraft workshop in the old county. My wife and I did all the work all on our own from the purchase of materials to cutting, sewing, combining and packaging. We could only make more than 10 pairs a day. The yield was low but the work was extremely painstaking. We said to ourselves that we should not give up just like that, and we had to stick with it; we even expected to expand the scale in the future. Slowly our efforts were paid off, and we started to hire people. In order to make our shoes look fashionable, we invited designers, and in order to ensure better quality of our products, we hired people with good expertise in making shoes.

Through years of development, our workshop appeared to be too small to meet the need of large amount of orders. In 2002, in order to expand production capacity, we moved the factory from the old county to Qunlong Square at Tongliang. After we came to the town, we could not continue with the manual operation. If we want to develop, we can not rest on our laurels. We have to update production and improve management. So we bought production lines, to increase the output by changing the manual operation mode into assembly-line production; we hired director and production line leaders to manage the factory. During the rectification period, we had been at a loss. But our perseverance was paid off, and in 2008 we were finally on the right track.

In 2010, at Nancheng subdistrict of Tongliang District, we bought plant buildings and established Qiang Sheng Wang Shoes Co., Ltd., starting the business of import and export trade. At that time, we only produced men's fashion shoes. Since 2010, we have developed functional footwear (safety shoes); we also introduced new production lines, purchased injection molding machines, and hired professional directors engaged in labor protection production, salesman as well as designers. After several years of hard work, we now have more than 300 employees, and achieved an annual production value of RMB 40 million and total assets of RMB 30 million. In 2014, our exports ranked No. 4 in the Tongliang District.

2015 is a new year and a new start. In this year, in order to broaden our horizons, and increase business volumes, we participated in the import and export trade show in Guangzhou, and the exhibition in Dubai, in hope of updating our products, improving our quality and increasing the volume of business through such communications. We are going to bring the company into a new round of development, and strive to become the most powerful enterprise at Tongliang.

The old saying goes that the one who drink the water should not forget those who dug the well. My success depends on not only my own efforts, but also the support of our management team and employees. I want to provide them with better working and living environments. Our workers have to live at the factory for the sake of production. We have prepared couple’s rooms for all couples both working at the factory. For those couples who are not willing to live at the factory, we provide a unified subsidy of RMB 50 as housing allowance. We also offer canteens at the factory to make it more convenient for the staff to have meals.

As the old saying goes that a person will always maintain the connection to the place where he or she was brought up. As an enterprise growing up on this land of Tongliang, we are deeply aware of our social responsibilities. We have been doing our utmost to solve the employment problem. We should not only introduce excellent talents, but also help those who do not have skills to support themselves. We provide them with skills training, and then provide them job opportunities. We never discriminate against the disabled; instead, we provide employment opportunities for them. There are a number of people with disabilities in our company, and one of them has been promoted to the position of supervisor. I am also keen to charity. During the Sichuan earthquake, we also enthusiastically donated money and materials. In the aspect of education, we also donated to Jinlong Elementary School students for multiple times.